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Carpentry is the skill in Ultima Online which basically determines how well someone can trun wood logs into boards and then create items from them. Essentially, carpentry is the construction of all kind of wooden items. Needed for it are carpenter's tools, which can either be bought or made with the Tinkering skill and raw material in form of wood (either logs or boards).

A carpenter must first select the wood he or she wishes to use and the decide on which item to make. Additional, carpentry allows the rapair and enhancement of items as well. Should a carpenter actually achieve full potential, learning the Masonry skill becomes possible.

Lumberjacking is a great additional skill to get the needed resources.

Listed below are the minimum levels the player needs to work with these types of wood:

Skill Level Type of Wood
0 Plain Wood
65 Oak
75 Ash
85 Yew
95 Bloodwood
95 Heartwood
95 Frostwood


To train carpentry, the following items should be created at the following skill levels for fast success and gain:

Skill Level Items to create
0 - 30 Train at Carpenter NPC
30 - 50 Medium Crates
50 - 53 Large Crates
53 - 75 Wooden Shields
75 - 79 Quarter Staves
78.9 - 100 Gnarled Staves or Shepherd's Crooks.