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Lumberjacking is the skill in Ultima Online which basically determines how well someone can chop down trees and turn the wood into boards. However, there is more to this seemingly mundane skill. Basically, all that is needed for the ability in form of equipment is an axe of any kind. Wielding certain kinds of axes grants a damage bonus with the formula ( skill ÷ 5 (plus 10% if Lumberjacking is equal to or greater than 100)). Also, the skill opens up certain special moves.

The skill works well together with Carpentry.

Listed below are the minimum levels for each type of wood to be harvested (and turned into boards):

Skill Level Type of Wood
0 Plain Wood
65 Oak
80 Ash
95 Yew
100 Bloodwood
100 Heartwood
100 Frostwood

Additionally, having a skill of 100 allows the lumberjack to have a random chance to get one of these items when cutting down a tree:

  • Bark Fragment - used for Woddland Armour.
  • Luminescent Fungi - used for Darkglow potion.
  • Parasitic Plants - used in Parasitic potion.
  • Switch - used to make an acid proof rope.
  • Brilliant Amber - used as an ingredient for various weapons.
  • Crystal Shards (only in Ter Mur) - used to imbue high intensities of the Damage Increase and Spell Damage Increase properties onto items.


There are essentially two ways to train in lumberjacking:

First: The obvious way, chop down trees.

Second: Attack other creatures with an axe, which works best with the Swordsmanship skill. The most efficient way to gain is to get a 100% Poison Damage axe and hit a Golem

Additionall, having Melisande's Corroded Hatchet equipped will grant automatical increases in the skill, without any further action from the player.


  • Human characters will get one extra log per chop, or two if working in Felucca. Elves, on the other hand, have an increased chance of harvesting special Lumber types.
  • Turning the logs into boards is only optional, but useful, as they only weigh half as much after conversion.