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Tinkering is the skill in Ultima Online which aspiring Tinkers need to learn in order to create their merchandise. Note that the skill is not to be confused with Blacksmithy, which is the creation of weapons and armour. The Tinker instead creates useful equipment, which has various uses and is of a great value, if sold. High-level Tinkers can create artifacts and even Golems.

Resources for Tinkering are ingots, created by the skill Mining, although wood created by Lumberjacking is also used sometimes, so having both these skill ensures a steady inflow of resources. Tinker's tools are needed for the skill to work in the first place, then the item has to be selected. Last, the type of ore to be used has to be selected.

Listed below are the minimum levels for each type of ore to be used to create items:

Skill Level Ores that can be used
0 Iron Ore
65 Dull Copper Ore
70 Shadow Iron Ore
75 Copper Ore
80 Bronze Ore
85 Golden Ore
90 Agapite Ore
95 Verite Ore
99 Valorite Ore


Here how to train an aspiring Tinker to quickly get to high levels of skill:

Skill Level Items to create
0 - 40 Train from Amelia Youngstone in New Haven
40 - 45 Scissors
45 - 60 Tongs
60 - 75 Lockpicks
75 - 85 Bracelets
85 - 90 Spyglass
90 - 95 Rings
95 - 100 Scales

It is also a good idea to do the "The Right Tool for the Job" quest in New Haven in order to get to 50 skill and receive a good toolbox.