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The Rose of Compassion

The Brotherhood of the Rose is a Britannian monastic order devoted to principle of Love, which inhabited Empath Abbey during the years leading up to and throughout the early Age of Armageddon. Persisting after the destruction of the abbey, the group could still be found practicing into the time of Ultima IX where they stood as keepers of the rare Silver Serpents, operating out of the British Cathedral of Love.


The order, unlike many monastic traditions of Earth, allowed both male and female initiates to join its ranks. Its characteristic garments consisted of simple robes, and adherents of the order spent their time engaged in pursuits such as study, meditation, gardening and winemaking - the latter of which gained them considerable renown at one point as vintagers. In later years, the group was also noted for being the sole producers of the mystical healing elixir serpentwyne and tended to a silver serpent within the environs of the Cathedral of Love in Britain.

While the group at some point adhered to vows of silence[1] this tradition was eventually dispensed with, and it is unknown if the monks had any traditions of vocational chastity or poverty, as is common with many analogous Terran groups.


While the scholar Perrin would make claims that the order had been in existence since around 60 BC (sometime around the age of Ultima IV) and the scholar Munk would go on to purport that the group had shed its vows of silence in 103 BC[1] (prior to Ultima V), the first visible beginnings of the Brotherhood of the Rose could be found in in 163 BC (Ultima VI).[2] During the Avatar's adventures during the gargoyle wars, the group seemingly existed as an informal collective of the artisans inhabiting the area around the Keep of Love. Eckhart, a viticulturist of the times, mentioned that the group had taken its name from the rosebushes in the area established by the druids of Yew.[3]

Over the years the group eventually came to develop into a more clearly delineated order, adopting devotional garments and very slowly developing an institutional hierarchy. While recognizable as a scholarly and spiritual order in Ultima VII, the Brotherhood did not appear to have any identifiable leadership until the time of Ultima IX, when the position of Abbot (held by Amoranth) was clearly present among the brothers inhabiting the Cathedral of Love.


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