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Aimi, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Empath Abbey

Aimi is a monk living in Empath Abbey during Ultima VII.


An aesthete with a passion for gardening, Aimi tried as a Sister of the Rose to cultivate an appreciation for the beauty in the world around her, tending to an entirely ornamental garden and passing her time as a hobbyist painter. Admittedly better at the former than the latter, the young monk collected art in addition to creating it, and proudly divulged that she had an original Sterling in her possession. While not quite able to explain the full scope of her vocation, Aimi would mention that among her duties she assisted the order in making wine.[1]

The Avatar could purchase a bouquet of the flowers Aimi grew for ten pieces of gold, and would offer to waive her fee should the hero mention that they were for the bereaved Reyna, whose mother had passed away in recent months.[2]


  • Aimi, like Taylor, will deny knowing Kreg if asked about him, offering hints as to the man's true identity.[3]
  • Should the Avatar have insufficient funds to purchase flowers from Aimi, she will nevertheless invite the hero to admire her garden.[2]
  • Anton notes in his Key to the Black Gate that Aimi also gave him a free bouquet of flowers, but asked him to promise that he would find somebody to share them with.[4]
  • In an earlier draft of the Ultima VII's plot, Aimi would give her permission to the Avatar to pick flowers from her garden only if the hero agreed to accompany her for a romantic evening. [5]


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