Batlin on Serpent Isle

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Batlin moved considerably in Serpent Isle, so what follows is the best attempt to determine his actions in chronological order.

  • Batlin presumably arrived at the Fellowship encampment on Serpent Isle immediately after fleeing the Avatar in the Black Gate chamber. He teleported to the site of the blackrock obelisk, which caused it to partially explode.
  • Batlin spoke to the horticulturist Delphynia about reagents and about blackrock artifacts. She told him to talk to Delin about artifacts and Pothos in Moonshade for better reagents.
  • Batlin tried to recruit Shazzana, but she didn't trust him and refused despite liking Deadeye.
  • Batlin stole the chaos blackrock serpent from Andral the sculptor in Monitor before being thrown out of Monitor by Lord Marsten.
  • Guess: Batlin attempted to get into the cellar of the Sleeping Bull and find Silverpate's treasure/notes on the Dark Path. Angus, innkeeper of the Sleeping Bull, is involved or interferes somehow, and disappears at the same time Batlin does. It's unclear whether Batlin used the Dark Path here or not, as Captain Hawk says he sailed Batlin to Moonshade, and on the return trip to Sleeping Bull brought Selina who was now in league with Batlin.
  • Batlin bought the secret of catching souls in gems (Soul Prisms) from Torrissio, and had Ducio craft him several Worm Gems. He also stole an artifact in Moonshade before leaving--he wanted to purchase Serpent Teeth, and certainly stole some while he was there. It’s also probable he used the Serpent Gate to leave Moonshade and get into the Icelands.
  • Batlin freed the Banes of Chaos from their prisons, and then hunted down and captured them with the secret Torrissio gave him. Batlin captured the Bane of Wantonness, which possessed Gwenno, in the icelands, the Bane of Anarchy in the Skullcrusher Mountains, and the Bane of Insanity in Shamino's Castle after it escaped from the icelands and possessed Cantra.
  • Batlin was forced to kill Cantra to capture the final Bane.
  • The Avatar met Batlin face-to-face for the first time since the end of The Black Gate. Batlin used magic to escape the Avatar.
  • Batlin got into the Grand Shrine of Order with the intention of using the Banes and his Blackrock Serpent to open the Wall of Lights and achieve power greater than the Guardian’s. Selina and Batlin’s other followers are killed as the Avatar fights to get to the Shrine in time to stop Batlin. Selina is convinced that she and Batlin will rule worlds together, and upon death says she will await Batlin in the Void.
  • Batlin opened the Wall of Lights, saying he would enter and become immortal, but was tricked by the Banes, who broke free of their weak prisons and killed him. The Guardian didn’t attempt to protect Batlin, as Batlin had explicitly stated working for himself at that point. Batlin's last words before he died were to plea to the Avatar for help.