Soul Prisms

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Soul Prism - Balancing the Scales
Soul Prisms are encountered in Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle.
Worm Gem
An Empty Soul Prism


These items are essential to capture the Banes of Chaos. The process to create them is thus:

  • First, ask Ducio to craft a Worm Gem by giving him the 3 worm hearts. You only need nine to make three of them.
  • After the gem is created, you must cast "Create Soul Prism", which was given by Torrissio. This turns the Worm Gem into an empty soul prism.

Treating The Soul Prisms[edit]

Because the Soul Prisms will not be able to hold a powerful spirit for long, they have to be treated appropriately. For instance, in the case of the Banes of Chaos the Avatar must treat each prism with water from the Shrines of Chaos to be effective (Batlin skipped this part).

Name Picture Location Requirement Their Counterparts
Tolerance TolerancePrismSI.png Gustacio's cellar You will have to put a bucket of ordinary water onto the altar to get the Water of Tolerance. Wantonness
Enthusiasm EnthusiasmPrismSI.png Temple of Enthusiasm You will have to fill one bucket with the Water of Enthusiasm. Anarchy
Emotion EmotionPrismSI.png Temple of Emotion Put the four Lodestones of Emotion on the small pedestals near the water, then fill a bucket with the water of Emotion. Insanity


  • A soul prism that captures the soul of a once-living warrior is called a living gem, which is what grants an automaton 'true life'.