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Ensorcio, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Inn of the Sleeping Bull

Ensorcio is an exiled Moonshadian mage who may be found at the Inn of the Sleeping Bull during Ultima VII Part Two.


Ensorcio once numbered among the adepts of Moonshade, and he was apprenticed for a time to Vasculio before his execution. After using some manner of magical fascination to obtain the favor of another adept's daughter, he was exiled by the Council of Mages, and he eventually made his way to the mainland where he took up residence at the Inn of the Sleeping Bull. Here, he gave himself over to drink and could often be found railing about the wrongs done to him, proving himself frequently to be quite a font of gossip for those interested in the politics of Moonshade's mages. He would speak particularly about his hatred of Filbercio, and would disdainfully relate the MageLord's abandonment of Rotoluncia for Frigidazzi, implying that the man's fickle womanizing was comparable to his own magical coercion of a woman's affections.[1] In addition to discussing, with no shortage of disdain, numerous other Moonshadians, he would also speak openly of the crimes for which his former mentor had been executed, demonstrating chilling complacency with regards to Vasculio's dark experiments. For a fee, he would even reveal the secret to the manufacture of the forbidden reagent bloodspawn, which had figured prominently in his dead master's projects.[2]

Approximately six months[3] prior to the Avatar's arrival at the inn, Ensorcio encountered Batlin's entourage and struck up something of a casual friendship with the sage. He shortly found himself to have been gulled by his new acquaintance, however, as his Serpent Jawbone went missing at the time of Batlin's departure.[4] He would relate this misfortune, as he did his others, with considerable bitterness.

Outside of the inn, the Avatar could also encounter Ensorcio within the realm of dreams, where they could find the mage fantasizing about avenging his wrongs by torturing a captive Filbercio. Any such vengeance or resolution, however, was never to come to the arrogant mage during his waking hours. Following the release of the three Banes of Chaos, Ensorcio met his end along with numerous other inhabitants of the Sleeping Bull, who were all slaughtered in the upheaval.


  • The face of Jim Hammons (Umbrae Dragon) was used as the face of Ensorcio.
  • Ensorcio has several unique spells for sale, so it is important to speak to him again after the player has obtained a spellbook.
  • Flindo will indicate that Ensorcio, being a mage, is far older than he appears.[5] Ensorcio's conversations regarding his dead mentor will also speak to the longevity of mages, as he asserts that Vasculio was one of the original apprentices of Erstam.[2]
  • It seems curious that Ensorcio does not recognize Selina as a fellow mage, as they are both Moonshadians staying at the same inn.
  • Ensorcio played a significant role in the Cut Material in Serpent Isle. According to the original plot document, Shamino the Anarch names Ensorcio Chancellor of Moonshade after his assassination of Captain Hawk by poison. The adept then goes on to openly experiment with bloodspawn-fueled spells, along with most of the other mages. [6]
  • The plot documents mentioned above also indicate that Filbercio was to have had a daughter. Given the absence of other adepts with children, it is possible that this daughter was the woman who Ensorcio seduced. [7]


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