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Selina, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Inn of the Sleeping Bull

Selina, also known as Selene or Celennia, is an Adept originally from Moonshade. She appears in Ultima VII Part Two.


Originally named Selene, Selina was born in Monitor and was taken from her family at the age of twelve by Fedabiblio such that she might be raised as a mage. Her mother, who was the tattooist of the City of Courage, was deeply grieved by her loss and was eventually killed by bandits, possibly having lost the will to fight in the midst of her despair over her daughter's abduction.[1]

In Moonshade, Selene took on the name Celennia and grew to adulthood in the company of mages, eventually becoming an adept in her own right. Stefano claimed that she developed a sadistic and cruel temperament, toying with those whom she destroyed or ruined, although few other denizens of Moonshade had much to say about her at all. She was, for a time, a close friend of the ice sorceress Frigidazzi, but the two had a falling out shortly before the arrival of the Avatar on Serpent Isle, and they parted ways, with Celennia leaving the city of illusions in the company of Batlin.[2][3]

Later, when Batlin's entourage made their way to Monitor, Celennia became involved in two attempts to murder the sage's nemesis, the Avatar. She seduced a local Knight named Shmed, who served as the administrator of the Monitorian Knight's Test, and together they outfitted the dungeon in which the Test took place to be lethal, introducing magical creatures and hiring an assassin to lay in wait there, hoping that the Avatar would be slain upon undergoing the ordeal of Knighthood necessary to gain the respect of Monitor's populace. While in Monitor, Celennia also reunited with her younger sister Lydia, who had succeeded their mother as the city's resident tattooist.[4] While what passed between the two sisters is unknown, it appears that Celennia also convinced her long lost relation to undertake Batlin's cause, and Lydia made an attempt to slay the hero by introducing a poison into the initiatory ritual tattoo given to new Knights.[5][6]

Later, Celennia, now claiming the name Selina, could be found at the Inn of the Sleeping Bull. Under Batlin's instructions, she lured the Avatar to the teleported Royal Mint. A group of warriors ambushed the Avatar there, carrying orders to kill the Avatar. Selina escaped when the ambush began, saying she'd return to Sleeping Bull, but was nowhere to be found when the Avatar returned.

Selina was killed by the Avatar at the entrance to the Grand Shrine of Order in Spinebreaker. She was convinced that she and Batlin would rule worlds together, and upon her death said she would await Batlin in the Void. She didn't have to wait long, as Batlin was killed shortly thereafter.


  • Selina's dialogue differs considerably depending on the Avatar's gender. She will approach a male Avatar with a plea of protection and will discuss the strange happenings at the Sleeping Bull Inn and the recent teleportation storms. A female Avatar, on the other hand, will be greeted with a congratulatory remark about her achievements and will elicit a discussion about the role of women on Serpent Isle.
  • During the Avatar's trial in the Knight's Test, the incantation "Kal Xen" can be heard as monsters appear. It is probable that Selina, in collusion with Shmed, is present somewhere in the dungeon such that she may conjure the creatures or that she has set up some other magical apparatus by which this may be accomplished.
  • Evidence of Selina's involvement with Shmed may be found in unused dialogue in the game's code, which indicates that fishnet stockings were originally planned to have been found on Shmed's person.[7] The Avatar would have been able to trace the origin of these stockings to Alyssand of Fawn, who made them as luxury goods for Moonshadian traders. Alyssand, in turn, would be able to confirm that Flindo was a regular customer of hers,[8] and Bucia would indicate that a "Selenia" used to regularly purchase them from his shop, the Capessi Canton.[9] Furthermore, should the player examine Selina's equipment when she briefly joins the Avatar's party in the finished game, they will find that she is wearing a pair of fishnet stockings.
  • Selina can be resurrected in Spinebreaker. If the Avatar does this, she will ask him to leave her alone so she can mourn Batlin. This can actually break the game, as in the released version, the game will play an infinite loop of Selina saying "I want to be alone".


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