Captain Hawk

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Captain Hawk
Captain Hawk, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Inn of the Sleeping Bull

This article is about a character in Ultima VII Part Two. For the weapon/bird of prey, see Hawk.

Captain Hawk is a Serpent Islander who captains the ship known as the Arabella in Ultima VII Part Two


While the particulars of Captain Hawk's past were never quite made known, three facts about him could be more or less established: that he had had a wife named Arabella,[1] that he had accumulated a respectable cache of treasure,[2] and that he was (when sober) an experienced and capable sailor. This last quality of his rendered him particularly significant to the denizens of Serpent Isle following the destruction of the Fawnish fleet and all other remaining vessels on the mainland's coast by the teleport storms, as it made his ship, also named Arabella, the only means of travel to the Isle of the Beyond.

Sometime prior to the Avatar's arrival on Serpent Isle, Hawk's unique position helped to land him in a prison cell overseen by the Monitorian pikemen of Bull Tower. Following the commencement of the teleport storms, Hawk had refused to set sail again from the mainland, leaving himself and his would be passengers stranded at the Inn of the Sleeping Bull. Flindo, a merchant wishing passage back to his home city of Moonshade, proved less than understanding of this decision, and the two of them came to blows over the matter. Flindo, hoping to strong arm the sailor into making the voyage, brought the local pikemen into the matter, bribing them in the hopes that they could "convince" Hawk to make the expedition. After taking a swing at the Monitorians' captain, Hawk was imprisoned, and to the misfortune of both parties, the pikemen demanded an exorbitant fee for Hawk's release, apparently hoping that either Flindo would pay to have the captain returned or that Hawk would turn over directions to his treasure.[2][3][4][5]

The Avatar, who sought passage to Moonshade themselves, learned of Hawk's predicament and attempted to negotiate with the pikemen for his release. This proved to be a difficult undertaking, as the extortionist pikemen would demand steeper and steeper sums of monetari with each offer the hero made to pay Hawk's fine. Eventually they were placated with a bribe of gold bars, which the hero had recovered from the Britannian Royal Mint after it had been transported across worlds by the strange storms. Once freed, Hawk grudgingly made the voyage to the Isle of the Beyond in gratitude for the Avatar's intervention, taking Flindo and the shepherd Kane along on the voyage as well. The passage was a rough one, with the teleport storms indeed hampering travel, and once the Arabella ran aground near Moonshade, Hawk returned to his stance of refusing to travel, not wishing to test his luck again.[6]

In Moonshade, Hawk spent his days at the Blue Boar Inn, and he was eventually killed when Shamino the Anarch overtook the city. Upon searching his body and room, the Avatar could find a map instructing the reader as to the location of the treasure Hawk had ferreted away in his youth, and upon recovering the cache, the hero would find the Serpent Crown that formed a part of the regalia of the Great Hierophant.


Artist Micael Priest, upon whom Captain Hawk's portrait is based.
  • Captain Hawk's visage is that of Micael Priest, a portrait artist for both Ultima VII and Ultima VII Part Two.
  • Should the Avatar discuss Flindo with Hawk at the Sleeping Bull while Flindo is present, the two men will get into a heated argument. Should Argus also be in the room, he will admonish them, explaining that he does not want to have to break up another fight.[7]
  • Should the Avatar show Bucia the pinecone that a Teleport Storm exchanged for the hero's glass sword, she will mention that Captain Hawk has given her one previously as a curiosity.[8] Should the Avatar ask Hawk about pinecones, he will identify them as being native to the Northern Woods and will mention that he used to collect them and hand them out as gifts to women.[9]
  • Should the Avatar ask Bucia the blue egg that a Teleport Storm exchanged for the Magebane without showing her the egg, she will recommend consulting Fedabiblio about it.[10] Should the hero do so, the Magister will be uncertain as to its origins, but Freli will direct them to speak to Hawk about the object, imagining that he might have come across such a thing in his travels.[11] While showing Hawk the egg directly will result in him (and possibly Rocco) complaining about its rotten state and putrid smell, asking him about it while it is not in the Avatar's possession will lead to him directing the hero to back to Fedabiblio, at which point a companion, if present, will make an exasperated remark.[12]
  • In the plot documents for Serpent Isle, Hawk is killed when Ensorcio poisons his drink, and Shamino the Anarch then congratulates the mage on an execution well done, naming him Chancellor of Moonshade. Fedabiblio who is tasked with handling matters of inheritance in his role as Magister, later informs the Avatar that Hawk willed his treasure to him or her. [13] There also exists unused dialogue in the usecode in which Hawk bequeaths his ship to the Avatar personally and in which Edrin relates an incident in which Hawk is murdered by Flindo.[14]


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