Blue Moongate Locations

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Moongate-u3.gif Only in Ultima III, the gates appeared in the following locations (note that most versions of Ultima III used the numerical representation of the moon phase listed below):

Image001.gif New Moon (0): Just NE of Moon
Image002.gif Crescent Waxing (1): Just outside the Snake Dungeon
Image003.gif First Quarter (2): Tiny mountain enclosure by towne Devil Guard
Image004.gif Gibbous Waxing (3): S edge of map, S of the hidden city of Dawn
Image005.gif Full Moon (4): Tiny mountain enclosure by towne Devil Guard (S of (2))
Image006.gif Gibbous Waning (5): On the Isle of Fire (location shown, but not Isle itself)
Image007.gif Last Quarter (6): Just E of the towne Devil Guard
Image008.gif Crescent Waning (7): Just S of the Dungeon of Time


Moongate-u4.gifMoongate-u5.gifStarting with Ultima IV, each moon phase is bound to one of these specific city gates:

Image001.gif New Moon: Moonglow
Image002.gif Crescent Waxing Moon: Britain
Image003.gif First Quarter: Jhelom
Image004.gif Gibbous Waxing Moon: Yew
Image005.gif Full Moon: Minoc
Image006.gif Gibbous Waning Moon: Trinsic
Image007.gif Last Quarter: Skara Brae
Image008.gif Crescent Waning Moon: New Magincia