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Kane, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Inn of the Sleeping Bull

Kane is a Serpent Islander and shepherd who appears in Ultima VII Part Two.


Kane was a simple man who spent most of his life herding sheep alongside his older brother Edrin. A few months[1] before the arrival of the Avatar on Serpent Isle, however, the two men found themselves caught in the midst of a Teleport Storm, during which Edrin was stuck by a bolt of lightning and, unbeknownst to Kane, was transmuted into a parrot. Kane, baffled by his brother's disappearance, made the decision to sojourn to Moonshade in the hopes that one of the mages there could assist him. In the meantime, he found and made a pet of the transformed Edrin, calling him "Ale" after this proved to be first word he croaked out upon being discovered.[2]

Kane's plans to visit the Isle of Beyond, however, became disrupted when Hawk, the captain of the only available vessel in the area, refused to set sail given the severity of the storms. He thereafter took up lodging at the Inn of the Sleeping Bull, waiting for Hawk to prove willing to brave the seas. Devra, who would become proprietor of the inn following her husband's disappearance, took a compassionate view of Kane's plight, helping him to count out his money to secure his eventual passage and offering him extended lodging at the Sleeping Bull in exchange for help chopping wood.[3]

Eventually, Hawk was imprisoned following an altercation involving the local Monitorian pikemen, and the Avatar obtained a boon from the man after securing his rescue. The hero, asking for passage to Moonshade on their own behalf, finally instigated the Arabella to sail, and Kane was able at last to make his way to the city of mages. Here, he was eventually aided in his inquiry by the adept Gustacio, whose investigations into the storms revealed not only the properties of the various colors of magical lightning they produced, but also the fate of poor Edrin.[4]

The Avatar, by manipulating apparatus of Gustacio's making, was eventually able to restore Edrin to human form, and the two brothers were reunited. Tragically, they had but short time to enjoy one another's company; both of them perished when Shamino laid waste to Moonshade while possessed by the Bane of Anarchy.


Karl Dolgener, as photographed for Kane's portrait
  • Kane's visage is that of Ultima VII Part Two artist, Karl Dolgener. Dolgener also appears in Ultima VII as the reclusive Minoxian, Karl.


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