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Ultima IV Gold is a patched version of Ultima IV for the Commodore 64 which fixes numerous bugs and introduces a number of speed optimizations and user interface enhancements. It also now features an extensive, implemented cheat system. This one was the basis for the further refinement in Ultima IV Remastered.

Technical Improvements[edit]

  • Implemended IFFL fastloader to speed up loading times significantly
  • Game reduced to two disk sides. Side one is the loader and character save only, so no disk changing is needed during gameplay
  • Copy protection removed
  • Support for most IEC drives
  • Music is no longer interrupted when walking around in Britannia
  • Game now runs on NTSC and PAL C64 and C128, as well as on all available floppy drives (real and emulated)

Gameplay Improvements[edit]

  • The character can now be moved with the joystick as well
  • Saving in dungeons in the 3D view is now possible
  • If you move outside the border of a towne, castle, or keep, the game asks if you want to exit to Britannia


An extensive cheat system is made available:

  • Unlimited Magic: All spells are available, and you don't need reagents or MP to cast them
  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited Torches
  • Unlimited Keys
  • Avoid Combat: The game asks if you want to enter combat (useful for non-evil creatures)
  • Control Balloon: Moving the balloon with the arrow keys
  • Advanced teleport system. Press T for teleport, and then the following keys for the destination:
    • (T)owne: Press 1-8 to select which towne
    • (D)ungeon: Press 1-8 to select which dungeon
    • (S)hrine: Press 1-8 to select which shrine
    • (L)ocation: Press 1-4 for castles or 5-8 for villages
    • (C)oordinate: Enter a lat/long coordinate with A-P
  • (B) - Create Transport: if you try to (B)oard a transport on an empty tile, the game will ask you if you want a (H)orse, a (S)hip, or a (B)alloon. Create ships next to a water tile, or you won't be able to go anywhere!
  • Also, a save game editor is bundled with the game

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