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Ultima IV Remastered is a further improvement of Ultima IV Gold, using all of the enhancements of that fan project and adding much more content to it, turning it into the best 8-bit presentation of the Ultima IV. It even eleminates the biggest problem of C64 games - the loading times - by putting everything on a cartridge. The most recent version is 2.2.1.


Graphical Enhancements[edit]

  • The Introduction and the Endgame got completely redrawn, now using the full graphical capabilities of the C64.
  • Tile graphics now mostly use the tiles from Ultima V, with several new tiles, which did not exist in Ultima V, specially created.
  • Objects and monsters in dungeons are now shown in color instead of monchrome (does not go for the walls themselves).
  • Dungeons start to dim once a torch is about to run out.
  • Maps from Peer Gems are now shown in color instead of monochrome.
  • The dungeon renderer is much sped up, making exploration easier.

Technical Improvements[edit]

  • Much improved fastloader support.
  • Game is now playable from a cartridge with no loading times at all.
  • No more music interruptions during disk access when playing from floppy.
  • Mixed case text is now possible.

New Game Features[edit]

  • Active player can be selected in combat and dungeon rooms, making exploration of dungeon rooms and level grinding for selected characters much easier.
  • Saving and quitting in dungeons is now possible.
  • The game now asks if the player wants to leave a town when reaching the border.
  • Joystick control is now implemented.


  • Meditation at shrines now does give different messages with different number of cycles.
  • Dungeon Hythloth got fixed on level 6.
  • Countless fixes with the balloon.
  • Countless text fixes in NPC dialogues and dialogue choices.

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