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The Ultima II Upgrade Patch adds EGA 16-color and other features to the MS-DOS port of Ultima II.

This package also includes the most recent versions of Moonstone Dragon's U2 Galaxy Map patch (which also includes some fixes to dungeon files) and Micro Dragon's Speed Fix. Also, hotkeys (such as exit to DOS) have been added to the game.

The patch can be downloaded from exodus.voyd.net.

One problem when using this patch under DosBox is that the u2cfg.exe needs DPMI to work, which DosBox doesn't provide. You can find a substitute here. In order to fix the problem, unpack the ZIP file and make sure that all the files are in the root directory of the game (no sub-folders).

Another problem is that the roll-over mechanics (that limited grinding time and prevented identical and over-powered characters) has been removed. Now, all attributes can be raised to 99. This way, character creation became less important, and all shop prices skyrocket when the player attempts to raise all attributes to 99.

Comparison screenshots[edit]

From these screenshots, it is apparent that the upgrade patch was supposed to make the game appearance similar to the MS-DOS port of Ultima I.

Official IBM-PC port (1982) Official C64 port (1983) Fan-made patch (2001)
Ultima II pre-patch Ultima II pre-patch
Ultima II post-patch
Official MS-DOS port of Ultima 1 (1986)


Pangea age

1423 B.C.

1990 A.D.

2112 A.D. aftermath

2112 A.D. optional areas

Time of Legends

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