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Ultima III post-patch
Ultima III pre-patch
The Ultima III Upgrade Patch adds a number of new features to the IBM PC version of Ultima III, including:
  • Fully colored VGA (256-color) tiles
  • Fully colored EGA (16-color) tiles
  • A Composite-mode CGA (16-color) simulation driver that operates on the CGA data
  • EGA/VGA/Composite dungeons also in color
  • Peer Gems yield a multi-colored look at the world map, versus only texture in the CGA, C64, and Apple II versions
  • Restore (ALT-R), Exit (ALT-X), and Main Menu (ALT-M) hotkeys have been added to the game. ALT-X is also supported while at the Main Menu
  • A Frame Limiter that eliminates the need for moslo
  • Enhanced MIDI Music from the C64 and Apple II versions
  • Ability to Enable/Disable the AutoSave feature
  • Replaces the 0-7 moon phases with actual moon icons

In addition it offers a number of optional changes to the game's ruleset. These changes can either be toggled on or off together, not individually.

  • Double the overworld monster generation rate
  • Increase the dungeon monster generation rate inversely proportional to the dungeon level (2x on the first floor, only 25% more on the bottom floor)
  • Halve the food consumption rate

The patch can be downloaded from exodus.voyd.net.

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