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Ultima III Gold is a patched version of Ultima III for the Commodore 64 which fixes numerous bugs and introduces a number of speed optimizations and user interface enhancements.

Technical Improvements[edit]

  • Built-in fastloader that solves the long loading times
  • Game now fits a single disk side
  • Keyboard movement commands now also work on non-English keyboards
  • Code for plotting re-writing to speed up the game
  • Delete key now works when entering player names

Gameplay Improvements[edit]

  • The game now asks when leaving a location
  • Active character can be selected with 1-4. 0 returns to standard behaviour
  • Now more than one dagger at a time is possible
  • All automatic saving removed, only saves when asked to. Sosaria map also cached when entering towns, thus removing some weirdness


An extensive trainer menu was implemented. The following cheats can be enabled:

  • Unlimited Magic
  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited Torches
  • Unlimited Keys
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Press (T) to teleport (X/Y coordinates 0-63)
  • Press (B) to mount a (H)orse or board a (S)hip
  • Press (X) to exit combat
  • Yell "AMBROSIA" to travel to and from Ambrosia

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