Martian Berries

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At the peak of their civilization, the Martians cultivated several sorts of berries, which would temporarily grant psychic powers. These berries can also be used by humans, and are necessary to complete the game.

There are six different types of berries, each with a different use. Not all are needed, but one type is useless.

  • Red Berry-red.gif - These have no function, and are useless.
  • Brown Berry-brown.gif - Brown berries give the user the power of clairvoyance, allowing sight in the dark and through walls. Their disadvantage is that, while the power is active, the user (and the user's party) cannot sleep.
  • Green Berry-green.gif - Green berries give the power of psychometry, the ability to receive psychic impressions from inanimate objects. This can give hints about the repair of the ancient machines of Mars.
  • Purple Berry-purp.gif - Purple berries give the power of telekinesis, allowing the use and retrieval of objects from a distance. Unfortunately, while in use they significantly reduce the user's physical strength while their effects persist.
  • Blue Berry-blue.gif - Blue berries seem less than useless; they make the eater dizzy, and incapable of moving in a straight line. However, their benefit is that the user will be cured of any poison after consuming the berry, including the malady caused by improper handling of radium.
  • Rouge Berry-rouge.gif - Found only in Argyre, these berries are inedible, but are used to dye the sealant used in simulating human flesh for the artificial Martian bodies.


  • If the Avatar consumes blue berries and becomes disoriented, and the player enters solo mode using a different character, they will also be disoriented. This will even affect Chsheket and her mechanical body.
  • Red berries were originally meant to have use. They would've given the power of battle frenzy, boosting strength and dexterity. [1]