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Bloodworm, from Memoirs of Sir Cabirus
First appearance: Underworld I
Last appearance: Underworld II

Bloodworms are large carnivorous worms possessed of an aggressive temperament and a venomous bite. They appear in Ultima Underworld I and II.


Aside from their bright green coloration, bloodworms physically resemble their less dangerous cousins, rotworms, and may typically be found in similar swampy environments. Bloodworms, however, are markedly more vicious and their bite carries a deadly poison which may quickly overwhelm an unprepared adventurer.


These repulsive green crawlers are distantly related to the common Rotworms of Britannia, but are possessed of an aggressive nature that would befit a creature ten times their size. Sir Broderick stumbled upon a subterranean nest of these vermin, and quickly discovered that they were not as easily killed as Rotworms. Seeking to find a better location to make his stand against the beasts, the Knight retreated - only to discover the worms pursuing him with single-minded determination. Broderick finally slew them all, only to die from poisoning of the blood as a result of the worms' venom. His scrawled notes, written as a selfless act by a dying man, were recently recovered by explorers, but the good knight's body has never been found.
Bloodworms are a revolting menace. They are large (up to three feet long) carnivorous green worms, usually found underground but which occasionally squirm their way up to the surface. They are mindlessly aggressive, and will attack anything living, regardless of its size. Although the bloodworm is easily killed, its bite is extremely venomous; more than one knight has died of it, thinking himself invulnerable to attacks by such lowly vermin.


  • In Ultima Underworld II, a large infestation of bloodworms threatens the fishing grounds of a small company of Moglop goblins, and the Avatar may opt to slay them on the tribe's behalf.[1]

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