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Rotworm, from Memoirs of Sir Cabirus
First appearance: Ultima V
Last appearance: Underworld II

Rotworms are scavenging invertebrates that typically congregate in swampy areas. They appear in Ultima VI and in the Ultima Underworld series.


Rotworms usually feed on decaying material, although they are quick to attack when they sense living flesh nearby. While these pests are fearful of fire and generally easy to dispatch with a single well-placed blow, large swarms of them have been known to overcome ill-prepared or injured warriors. It is also important to differentiate between rotworms and their venomous cousins, bloodworms, as the latter is a measurably more formidable foe and in possession a poisonous bite.

Despite their loathsome appearance and feeding habits, rotworms are edible, and a relatively palatable stew may be prepared from their meat using port and mushrooms. During their imprisonment in the Abyss, the Avatar could prepare such a dish for the troll, Sethar Strongarm, who would in turn reward the hero with a set of dragon's scales.


Born of the decaying detritus which carpets the swamplands, these loathsome invertebrates are more nuisance than threat--a pass of your torch across their path will usually keep them at bay.
In the dank depths of the Underworld - where rot infects, corrosion ruins and corruption festers - can be found the foul nests of these loathsome worms. Should one approach close enough to be sensed by a Rotworm, the beast is sure to attack. An armored warrior has little to fear from these worms, but an ill-equipped explorer could easily be overcome by sheer numbers.
The rotworm, cousin to the bloodworm, feeds on decaying organic matter, and thus has no shortage of food in the underworld. These worms will always attack when they sense flesh nearby, but are easily crushed to death with a well-aimed kick. The only danger lies in being overwhelmed by a large number of rotworms clustered around a carcass.

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