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The following is a transcript of the English dialogue in the FM-Towns port of Ultima III:


  • 10 gold tip: Have you ever heard of Ambrosia?
  • 20 gold tip: Dawn is a city of myths and magic.
  • 30 gold tip: Go to Fawn, and find something invokes the Snake
  • 40 gold tip: None came back from the other side of the Whirlpool.
  • 50 gold tip: Fountains fair. fountains foul. All are found in Dungeons bowel..
  • 60 gold tip: The way of the Avatar is waiting for you at the end of this journey.
  • 70 gold tip or more: It's been a pleasure!

The Oracle[edit]

And so the sage said unto the. "If thou can solve my rhyme."

  • 100 gold offering: You must learn of marks and playing cards, and hidden holy shrines.
  • 200 gold offering: Of marks there are ut 4 of Fire, Force, Snake, and king. All is found in Dungeon.
  • 300 gold offering: Learn their use in Devil Guard. Otherwise, death will surely bring
  • 400 gold offering: Shrines there are but 4 to which you go and pray. A change appears on yourself
  • 500 gold offering: The marks and the cards are essential. They will guide you.
  • 600 gold offering: The cards theirs suits do number 4, calls Sol, Moon, Death, and Love
  • 700 gold offering: 2 cities of Monter. Learn the use of the cards.
  • 800 gold offering: Exotics are in the sea. On the small islands.
  • 900 gold offering: Look for another king, Lord of Time. In the depth of dungeon
  • 1,000 gold offering or more: God bless you!

Castle Britannia[edit]

  • Lord British: Welcome my child
    • Experience more!
  • Gwino: Gwino sings. "Muh-eh-oye-oh!" I feel good!
  • Ioro: Ioro sings. Sing with me. "Ho-eye-ho-hum!"
  • Chuckles: Cheerful Chuckles "Welcome all!"
  • Phantom Fighter:' Phantom Fighter "The food's awful!"
  • (Merchant): How about some food?
  • (Guard): Enter...! If you dare!


  • (Wizard): Welcome to Dawn, a city of Illusion
  • (Wizard): Dawn lasts but a brief moment
  • (Wizard): Search for - Exotics!
  • (Wizard): A myth of this town tells, Exotics lests under ground.
  • (Wizard): Exotics rest in Small Island! Seek ye them!
  • (Wizard): Quest ye unto Lost Ambrosia!
  • (Wizard): Fined the future of thy own!
  • (Wizard): Yoohoo! Good after noon!

Death Gulch[edit]

  • (Guard): Ultima is a nice game. isn't it?
  • (Balron): Begone fool!
  • (Balron): In the bottom of some dungeon, an order is given to you.

Devil Guard[edit]

  • (Fighter): Red hot metal leaves a Mark
  • (Fighter): Marks gained in the depths of the Dungeons.
  • (Fighter): 4 Marks. 4 uses.
  • (Fighter): Seek ye the Dungeon of south. and find something invokes the Snake.
  • (Fighter): Mark helps invoke the Snake
  • (Fighter): The king favors a Mark.
  • (Jester): Marks are useful.


  • (Cleric): 4 marks are needed to comprete this journey.
  • (Cleric): I have read a book written about the great Silver Snake. It said it's impossible to defeat it. But you can pass through it.
  • (Cleric): Thou stray sheep, Yell out in the Circle of Light. "EVOCARE"...
  • (Cleric): Pray! For our dear Lord.
  • (Cleric): Fawn is a nice place.
  • (Wizard): Welcome to Fawn! City of the Sea.


  • (Guard): Let's watch out carefully, brother.
  • (Fighter): Exotic clues found at Dawn!
  • (Jester): What? Do you want to be a jester?
  • (Thief): Ever seen Exotics arms?
  • (Thief): Yo! Ho! Hoh! Hic, hey give a bottle of Rum!
  • (Wizard): Only Exotics will protect from Great Evil.


  • (Cleric): Peace be with you.
  • (Cleric): Seek ye the Shrines of Truth!
  • (Cleric): I've been beyond the whirlpool! Everything was in red... So I boarded on my ship again, then I could get back to this place!
  • (Daemon): Depart...or die!!
  • (Merchant): We are honored!
  • (Fighter): To Arms, and To Battle!
  • (Fighter): Bribe guards and they will leave!
  • (Wizard): Dawn rises in the Dark Forest.

Montor West[edit]

  • Centri: Centri says "This pub is excellent!"
  • Shamino: Shamino says "The food of this shop is the best taste."
  • (Guard): Ultima is a nice game. isn't it?
  • (Fighter): My best friend is put to the torture in the Castle of Fire. Please save him. He might give you some important information.
  • (Thief): Your food looks fine. Let me have some.

Montor East[edit]

  • (Fighter): I can't afford a weapon. Can you spare some money for me?
  • (Thief): 4 cards, 4 statue..


  • (Cleric): Yew is a city in the woods. Search and ye shall find!
  • (Cleric): Oh, my dear, Churi the god of Bonim. Guide me into the right path, Amen!
  • (Cleric): know ye well Traitors!
  • (Cleric): Welcome to the Circle of Light. A sacred place.
  • (Cleric): I have been to the world beyond the whirlpool.


Upon Entering[edit]

A huge whirlpool engulfed your ship!


"Where am I?"

You awakened and saw the sky, the sea and the grass plane. Everything was in red! You searched for some items you needed ans started to walk into the unknown world.

Upon Leaving[edit]

A huge whirlpool engulfed your ship!

All is Dark. You made it.

Time Lord[edit]

A light appeared. It became to be a shape of a man And it spoke gentlly. "Greetings!" I am Time Lord To seal EXODUS Remember this the only one way. Love, Sol.... Moon, Death." said Time Lord, and vanished

Castle Death[edit]

  • (Balron): None shall leave! Hahaha!
  • (Cleric): Save me please!
  • (Thief): Leave quickly!


Inserting Cards[edit]

The Devil statue is Humming, and it reveals a Bio-Computer

Defeating Exodus[edit]

Wall broke down. Before your eyes. a mysteriously trembling ball of light is floating. Is this the one conjured up by evil wizards that expect the revival of Exodus? But soon, by the seal of the cards, the ball gradually lost its light. And at the same time, the earth began to snake strongly. The floor under your feet crumbled down! A voice sounds familiar said, "Exodus has been seald. Evacuate now!" It's Time Lord! You ran away from the crushing castle.


The Fire Castle crumbled away. the aera of fear is over. Many of the tongue of flame burned the sky. the Earth trembled with the cry of death agonies of Exodus. The dark clouds have covered the world are blown away with the fresh clean air.

Peace came back to the realm of Sosaria again. Now the world is calm. No evil creature's roar, no pain, and no tragedy anymore. All is the past.

You, 4 heros, came back to the Castle British, the goal of your journey. Returning in triumph, you recalled these long and difficult battling days.

Young and wise king, Lord British welcomed you and said.

"Welcome back Oh true heros! Can you hear the praise of people? We have won the true peace and glory. Come these is something to show you.

King lead you to the balcony from which you could overlook the whole town. A large crowd of people had come to applause you. And on the northern horison, there was a great rough mountain range that you haven't seen before.

"When you sealed Exodus, there occurred a big earthquake, and it upheaved that mountain range. Doesn't it look like a spine of a snake, does it? So we like to name it Serpent's Spine. The story of your great work will be handed down by the birth of Serpent's Spine.

The Hell-born incarnate of evil that uneased people exorcised completely. The story of these heros handed down by Ioro the bard.

People enjoyed prosperity and peace.

But, who knows when the evil would come back with the terror and demolition. In case of such situation, another quest of Avatar would need you again.

To be continued

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