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A fountain in dungeon Covetous
Another fountain (Sharp x68000)

Throughout Sosarian, Britannian and Serpent Islander history alike, numerous magical fountains have been found both in both the dungeons and cities of these worlds, conferring a number of effects on those who partake of their waters.


In the late Age of Darkness and through the Age of Enlightenment, magical fountains were a common sight within the dungeons of the realm, and ones which could heal wounds or cure poison would often prove essential to helping explorers to survive ventures through the underground realms. Unfortunately, it was difficult to ascertain which waters would convey such benefits and which might be a source of illness or injury. Without previous charts to tell one which fountains were safe to drink from, trusting in these magical wellsprings for healing could often prove quite a gamble.

In later eras, magical fountains began to appear in the cities and wildernesses of the realm, and water as could be found which produced an even wider arrange of effects. By the early Age of Armageddon, fountains existed which could produce enhanced vision, sleep and even invisibility.


Fountains fair and fountains foul, all are found in dungeons bowel.
- A piece of alehouse wisdom (Ultima III)

Effects of Fountains in Various Games[edit]

A fountain from the FM-Towns port of Ultima III

Ultima III[edit]

In Ultima III, fountains were found only in dungeons, and could have four different types of effects.

  • "Ah! That's nice!" - Cure poison
  • "How wonderful!" - Heal all damage
  • "Yuck Horrible!" - Poison
  • "Argh! Blah! Yuk!" - 25hp of damage

Ultima IV[edit]

In Ultima IV, fountains were found only in dungeons, and could have five different types of effects.

  • "Ahh-Refreshing!" - Heal all damage
  • "Hmm--Delicious!" - Cure poison
  • "Bleck--Nasty!" - Acid deals 100hp damage
  • "Argh-Choke-Gasp!" - Poison
  • "Hmm--No Effect!" - Merely water or no change caused by it's normal effect

Ultima V[edit]

In Ultima V, fountains were found only in dungeons (specifically only in Wrong, Covetous and Deceit). They had three different types of effects.

  • "Healed!" - Heal all damage
  • "Bad taste." - Random damage
  • "Poisoned!" - Poison

Ultima Underworld I[edit]

In Ultima Underworld, a fountain which confers healing to those who partake of its waters may be found on each of the first three levels of the Abyss.

Ultima VII[edit]

  • Trinsic: The fountain to the right of the door to Finnigan's offices is poisonous, whereas the fountain to the left cures poisons.
  • Castle Britannia: The fountain in Lord British's courtyard brings those who partake of it to full health.
  • Minoc: The fountain near the Fellowship hall confers the same benefits as a white potion.
  • Deceit: The fountain near Iskander's camp induces slumber.
  • Destard: The fountain in Lasher the Unicorn's living area confers the same benefits as a white potion.
  • Shame: The fountain in the southern portion of the dungeon near to the dragon cave confers invisibility.

Ultima VII (SNES)[edit]

In the SNES Port of Ultima VII, dropping coins into a fountain has a random chance of adding additional money to one's inventory.

Ultima VII Part Two[edit]

  • Knight's Test: The fountains in the chamber with Gurnordir's ashes both offer a healing effect.
  • Basement of the Inn of the Sleeping Bull: In the "Wardrobe Room," there are four fountains. The one in the northwestern corner grants the drinker invisibility; the one in the southwestern corner poisons the drinker; the one in the southeastern corner induces sleep; and the one in the northeastern corner cures poison.
  • Moonshade: The fountain in the center of Moonshade provides a healing effect.
  • Castle of the White Dragon: Surprisingly, the fountains of blood in the castle's grand ballroom heal those who drink from them. The fountains of blood in the basement, however, are poisonous.
  • Spinebreaker: Directly to the east of the Serpent Gate there lies a fountain which will heal those partaking of it. In the chamber where the party faces Selina, Deadeye, Brunt and Palos, there are two fountains. The rightmost one induces sleep and the leftmost one heals.
  • In the caves en route to the goblin village, there is a fountain with a blue fire over-top it in the middle of an underground pool. This fountain will heal those who drink from it.
  • On the road north toward Gorlab Swamp, a structure exists overcrossing some swampland. Navigating it will allow one to access a healing fountain enclosed in a small grove of trees.