The Ultima 6 Project Militia Groups

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In the Ultima 6 Project, there are three militia groups traveling throughout the land. Each of these three groups change location regularly and are active mostly at night, securing an area.

The Central Group[edit]

This group consists of the following people:

Their patrol area consists of Britain, Cove and Minoc. The Britain camp site is north of the city, in the forest at the western edge of the High Steppes. The camp site of Cove is located at the eastern shores of Lock Lake and the camp site of Minoc is east of the city entrance on the sandy peninsula.

The group is first encountered at the ambush at the Temple of Virtue, where they actually rescue the party, before setting up their patrol. In a small quest, the southern group wants to convey greetings to this group, which has to be given to Wyburn in person.

The Southern Group[edit]

This group consists of the following people:

Their patrol area consists of Trinsic, Skara Brae and Paws. The Trinsic camp site is located southwest of the city, near the entrance to Heroes' Hole. The Skara Brae camp site is located near the Misty Channel at the edge of Spiritwood. The Paws campsite is southwest of the town, on the southern side of the river in the forest.

This group wants to give greeting to the central group in a small quest.

The Fake Group[edit]

This group is different. They consist of:

This group actually is fake, and instead of protecting Britannia from the gargoyles, are actually robbing travelers to enrich themselves. A quest is available to put an end to their villainy. Read the Walkthrough of the Quest for more information.

You can find their camp sites either at the beach north of the patch of woods near the Shrine of Justice or on the northern shores of the Lost River directly south of Empath Abbey.