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Carra, from The Ultima 6 Project
Species: Human
The Ultima 6 Project
Location: Britannia
Description: Militiaman

This is an Ultima 6 Project-related NPC article or section. The information within may not apply to Ultima VI or other Ultima games.

Carra is a member of the southern militia group in The Ultima 6 Project.


Carra, the female member of the southern militia group, served alongside Dax, Hob, and their leader Thonyn, patrolling the area around Trinsic, Paws, and Skara Brae. Instantly recognizing the Avatar, Carra remarked that not nearly enough women were willing to take up arms for Britannia. She had a great admiration for her leader Thonyn, saying he was one of the few who led through example. Dax, she joked was a lecherous flirt, and his only saving grace was he had to be quiet while tracking. Friendly Hob was loved by all, and also a fierce warrior, she remarked.