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Hob, from The Ultima 6 Project
Species: Human
The Ultima 6 Project
Location: Britannia
Description: Militiaman

This is an Ultima 6 Project-related NPC article or section. The information within may not apply to Ultima VI or other Ultima games.

Hob is a member of the southern militia group in The Ultima 6 Project.


Hob, whose real name was Robert, served in the Britannian militia along with Dax, Carra, and their leader Thonyn, patrolling the area around Trinsic, Paws, and Skara Brae. He described Carra as a fetching, fiery woman whom he was proud to have fight at his side. Dax, he felt was an excellent tracker and hunter, who told great jokes and made even better rabbit stew. Thoyn, he believed was a great leader, who led without constantly barking orders.