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Speech Pack (front cover)
The Speech Pack is an add-on enhancement for the floppy disk version of Ultima VIII: Pagan.


Ultima VIII was designed to include a limited amount of spoken dialogue for certain characters; however, due to size constraints, this feature was not included in the floppy disk version of the game beyond the Guardian's monologue in the introduction sequence. To supplement this omission, the Speech Pack was sold separately by Origin to provide voices for the Elemental Titans; Zealan deities Amoras, Apathas, and Odion; and Khumash-Gor. The expansion also afforded the Guardian a greater presence in the game with various taunts and interjections throughout proceedings, much like his role in Ultima VII. The Speech Pack performed below sales expectations, however—perhaps in part due to the availability of the CD-ROM release of Ultima VIII, which included the add-on and retailed for twenty dollars less than the basic floppy disk version.[1]


  • Stars remain visible in the flaming pentagram scene appearing on the front box cover, as portions of this artwork were created for the introduction sequence of Ultima VIII and originally featured a celestial backdrop.
  • The "spot" file includes a story from Ultima VIII programmer and voice actor, Rob Corell, about penguins in Texas.


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