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Dog, from Ultima VII manual
First appearance: Ultima VI
Last appearance: Ultima IX

Dogs are domestic animals which have many uses or are simply companions of people.

Dogs can be found in the cities of Britannia.


Though related to the vicious wolf, the common dog poses far less of a threat than his wild counterpart. As much at home in the field hunting rabbits as at the dinner table of its master, the dog should be respected, but not feared.
A domesticated cousin of the wolf, this animal guards homes from intruders, tracks game during hunts, and is a playmate for children and a pet for adults.
A versatile creature, the dog is many things to many people. Partner to the hunter, aid to the parent, companion to the child and defender to the family, the dog is indeed man's best and most reliable friend.

Notable examples[edit]

Hound of Doskar

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