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In the Ultima series, the eventuality of meeting one's demise is almost unavoidable. How this affects the adventuring party can vary greatly from game to game, however:


Death In Akalabeth
If killed in Akalabeth the player will be directed back to the menu and have to create another character.

Ultima I[edit]

Ultima I. It happens to the best of us.
If killed in Ultima I, the player's character will be resurrected, but with only 99 Hitpoints, 99 Food, no Coin, and no weapons other than hands. Considering the severe restrictions this causes, it is far easier to simply load the last saved game and try to avoid getting killed.

Upon death, a skull is shown to announce the end of the player. IF defeated by Mondain: Thou are dead! Thou hast been defeated by. Mondain the Wizard! THE UNIVERSE IS DOOMED!

Ultima II[edit]

Ultima II. The Big Sleep.
In Ultima II, when killed, the player is forced to resort to loading a previously saved game or creating a new character. There are no resurrections available.

Dying outside of Earth has even more severe consequences as it can cause an unwinnable state in the game.

Ultima III[edit]

There's always a better way to die than starvation.
In Ultima III, if the entire party is killed, the player is forced to resort to loading a previously saved game or creating a new party of characters. If only one party member is killed, the option stands to resurrect them either yourself or at a healer. However, even that can go wrong and turn the player to ashes, where only Anju Sermani can help. Letting a player cast it reduces the caster's wisdom by 5 points.

In the LairWare remake, the player has the option of resurrection, at the cost of all weapons/armour/equipment/coinage (other than starting items).

Ultima IV[edit]

Resurrected by Lord British.
In Ultima IV, if the entire party dies, all previously dead characters will be restored, appearing before Lord British, in the throne room of his castle. Equipped items will be present, but gold and other items are lost. If not the entire party is dead, dead party members can be resurrected either by healers or with the fitting spell with no ill effect to anyone.

Dying no longer causes an automatic game over.

Ultima V[edit]

Lord British restores the party to health.
In Ultima V, should the party perish, the spirit of Lord British will appear to resurrect them, but at the cost of experience points. The lost experience points are calculated with the Avatar's karma. The higher the karma, the fewer points are lost. The restored group will be transported to Castle Britannia with no losses in equipment.

Deaths of single characters again can be cured either by healers or with the right spell.

Ultima VI[edit]

The Party is resurrected and brought back to Castle Britannia.
In Ultima VI, if the Avatar dies, previously dead characters will be restored when "Kal Lor" is chanted, with the party appearing before Lord British, in the throne room of his castle. Experience is lost in the process, calculated with the Avatar's karma. Again, when other party member die, they can be resurrected with the fitting spell or by a healer. However, their body has to be present for it.

Ultima Underworld I[edit]

If the Avatar dies in the game, they must reload a previously made save or start a new character unless they find the Silver Sapling. It must be picked up and replanted for it to work with the Avatar. Once planted, dying will cause the Avatar to wake up right where the Sapling was planted. Only penalty from dying after that is losing a certain amount of experience points.

Ultima VII[edit]

In The Black Gate, should the Avatar "die", the entire party will automatically lose and the Avatar will wake up in the Fellowship shelter for the poor in Paws. Feridwyn will claim that two Fellowship members brought them there. This resurrection method happens after every deadly encounter, even the final battle at the Black Gate. It is basically impossible to die permanently by physical means.

For fallen companions exist three methods, since the healers of Britannia are currently unable to practice resurrections. Either the fitting spell is used, Lord British is asked, or Jaana is asked (limited times possible).

Ultima Underworld II[edit]

Face of death in the world of Britannia.
If the Avatar dies in the game in Britannia (Castle Britannia or in the sewers), they must reload a previously made save or start a new character, being greeted by the face of death. However, if they are in one of the other worlds, they then will wake up back in the sewers next to the Blackrock Jewel. However, dying brings a severe loss of experience points and levels with it.

Ultima VII Part Two[edit]

Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle has a similar but more straightforward method as The Black Gate. At the very beginning of the game, the Avatar receives a Hourglass of Fate which allows the party to come back to life after a deadly encounter. After "death", they will appear in the monastery on the Monk Isle. From there the party will appear back either at the site of defeat or pretty close to it. The same conditions of the Avatar dying triggering the process and being impossible to die permanently by physical means remains.

The hourglass also can resurrect fallen companions without cost.

The Silver Seed add-on has a similar resurrection method. Should the Avatar "die", entire party loses and they wake up in the Serpent's Fang keep, next to Surok. Like in the main game, dying permanently is impossible by physical means.

Ultima VIII[edit]

There is no resurrection in the game, death is permanent. If the Avatar dies in the game, a special death theme plays and a tombstone with the words "Rest in Peace" appears on the screen. After that, the player is forced to load a previously saved game or creating a new character.

Ultima IX[edit]

Again, death is permanent in this game. If the Avatar dies in Ultima IX, a special theme is played with the camera focused on body of the Avatar. The GUI is removed, but the player retains some controls such as opening the journal. After some seconds, the journal opens to the page with latest savegame.