Hourglass of Fate

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Hourglass is an important item appearing in Ultima VII Part Two.


Hourglass of Fate

The Hourglass of Fate not only enables the Xenkan Monks to return the Avatar to life after being mortally wounded, but also was used by the Avatar to call a monk if a companion had died. The Hourglass of Fate was designed so that the monks could determine when certain events drew nigh. It was said to contain ‘the lifeblood of Serpent Isle’. If it runs out, the world will end.

Thoxa gave it to the Avatar right after arriving to the Serpent Isle.


  • Essentially, the hourglass takes over the function of the Resurrect spell, without the limitations.
  • Being returned after dying can sometimes off-set the Avatar to a location some distance away from where it happened.