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Arms Lore in Ultima Online is the name of a skill that not only gives a detailed description of weapons, but is also very important for the crafting of a number of weapons and gives bonuses to the general crafting of special weapons.

Specifically, it gives these two bonuses:

  • Gives a +1% Damage Increase bonus to all exceptionally crafted weapons for every 20 skill points (up to +5% at Grandmaster).
  • Gives +1% in a random resistance on exceptionally crafted armor for every 20 skill points (up to +5% at Grandmaster).


Training of Arms Lore is possible in many ways.

  • First off for the first 30 points, there is no other way than to learn from an NPC Blacksmith, Armorer, or Warrior Guildmaster.
  • For the points up to 100, the skill has to be actively used. How, read below.

Arms Lore can be gained by using the secondary function of identifying the properties of a weapon and/or armour by actively using the skill on it. This should be done with everything encountered, although failures are still often and gain is generally slow.

The other way is actively crafting weapons and armour (shield and ammunition don't count) with Blacksmithy, Tailoring, Carpentry, Tinkering, and Bowcraft. Which then also raises these skill in the process.

Old Use[edit]

Arms Lore used to be required in order to preform the Wrestling special moves Stun and Disarm. This requirement was dropped with the Age of Shadows expansion.

The following tables show the information Arms Lore used to give when the skill was used to assess in-game items.

Condition of Item Assessment Response
100% Brand new
90% Almost new
80% Barely used, with a few nicks and scrapes
70% Fairly good condition
60% Suffered some wear and tear
50% Well used
40% Rather battered
30% Somewhat badly damaged
20% Flimsy and not trustworthy
10% Falling apart

Effectiveness of Armor
Armor Rating Assessment Response
31+ Is superbly crafted to provide maximum protection
26 - 30 Offers excellent protection
21 - 25 Is a superior defense against attack
16 - 20 Serves as sturdy protection
11 - 15 Offers some protection against blows
6 - 10 Provides very little protection
1 - 5 Provides almost no protection
0 Offers no defense against attackers

Effectiveness of Weapons
Average Damage Assessment Response
26 Would be extraordinarily deadly
21 - 25 Would be a superior weapon
16 - 20 Would inflict serious damage and pain
11 - 15 Likely hurt opponent a fair amount
6 - 10 Would do some damage
3 - 5 Would do minimal damage
0 - 2 Might scratch their opponent slightly