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Wrestling is the skill in Ultima Online which allows a player to fight empty handed. It therefore is a favourite amongst mages, who have penalties on weapon usage, and can use it while still holding their spellbook.

The skill determines the frequency of attacks and damage dealt. At 70 skill, the player can Disarm an opponent and at 90 Paralyzing Blow is added. Tactics is needed as well.


Training is the same for all weapon classes, even for unarmed combat. First, buy training from a Dimethro The Wrestling Instructor in New Haven for 40 points. After that, only real battle leads to improvement. Therefore, here are the best battlegrounds for the varying skill levels.

Skill Level Training Methods
30 - 60 Skeletons, preferably 1-3 at a time, which can be found in any graveyard.
60 - 70 Lizardmen, such as those found in the top level of Despise.
70 - 85 Ogres, again in Despise, but at lowest level this time (avoid the Ogre Lords)
85 - 100 Earth Elementals found in Shame or Despise level 2.
100 - 110 Cyclopean Warriors found in Cyclops Valley in the Lost Lands and Despise level 3.
110 - 120 Troglodytes found in the Painted Caves

Some places exist where training can be purchased without much danger:

  • Jhelom pits, hire a 6gp wrestling NPC and train up to 65, next hire a 8gp wrestler NPC and train to 80-85.
  • After that, one can summon a daemon to wrestle to legendary.