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Bowcraft is the skill in Ultima Online which basically determines how well someone can turn wood logs into boards and then create weapons like bows and crossbows from them, together with their ammunition. For the latter, feathers are needed as well. Once becoming a master fletcher, special bows can be made.

A bowcrafter must first select the wood he or she wishes to use and the decide on which item to make. To actually create the items, fletchers tools are needed. Note that Quivers can not be made with this skill. Instead Tailoring is needed.

Lumberjacking and Carpentry are great additional skills to get the needed resources.

Listed below are the minimum levels the player needs to work with these types of wood:

Skill Level Type of Wood
0 Plain Wood
65 Oak
75 Ash
85 Yew
95 Bloodwood
95 Heartwood
95 Frostwood


To train bowcraft, the following items should be created at the following skill levels for fast success and gain:

Skill Level Items to create
0 - 29 Train at Fletcher NPC
29 - 35 Shafts
35 - 50 Bows
50 - 56 Fukiya Darts
57 - 70 Crossbows
70 - 80 Composite Bows
80 - 90 Heavy Crossbows
90 - 100 Repeating Crossbows