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Tailoring is the skill in Ultima Online which allows players to sew their own clothes, like a prefessional Clothier. This does not only mean ordinary clothes made from cloth, but also Leather Armour, Bone Armour and at high skill levels even arcane clothes, which allow spellcasting without reagents.

The equipment of a good tailor is a sewing kit, scissors and a dying tub. For advanced tailors, Power Scrolls and Runic Sewing Kits are available. Thankfully, the raw meterial -namely wool- does not need any special skill to be harvested from sheep and turned into cloth for this skill.


To train tailoring, the following items should be created at the following skill levels for fast success and gain (note that the resources to gain a high level are also high):

Skill Level Items to create
0 - 29 Train at Tailor NPC
29 - 41 Short Pants
41 - 54 Cloaks
54 - 72 Robes
72 - 78 Ninja Tabi
78 - 110 Oil Cloths
110 - 115 Cloth Ninja Hoods
115 - 120 Studded Hiro Sode