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Alligator, from Ultima VII manual
First appearance: Ultima VI
Last appearance: Serpent Isle

Alligators are large, predatory reptiles native to a variety of worlds. They appear in Ultima VI, Ultima VII, and Ultima VII Part Two.


Physically, the alligators of Britannia and Serpent Isle are comparable to those of Earth. Dwelling in swamplands and marshes, these beasts are extremely territorial, and unlike their often timid Terran counterparts,[1] they show no fear of man and will violently attack any travelers who wander to close to their domiciles.

Relying on their muscular tails and deadly bites in combat, these creatures are a formidable opponent to an ill-equipped warrior and are unafraid to feast on human flesh when it is available. A well-outfitted opponent, however, can usually dispatch an alligator with little difficulty.


Care must be taken whilst wading in the murky swamps which are the home of this aggressive man-eater. Possessing great physical strength, this fearsome lizard can inflict heavy damage with a single blow from its mighty tail.
This vicious man-eating creature lives in swampy terrain and can inflict heavy damage with its bite and tail.
This large, amphibious lizard is quick and dangerous, utilizing all of its extremities in battle.


  • In Ultima VII, the body of an alligator may be found in Hook's chambers, and an examination of it will reveal that it had previously swallowed a clock—referencing J. M. Barrie's popular children's novel Peter Pan.

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