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The Cloth Map
Included with Ultima VII was this cloth map showing Britannia, which is somewhat different from its predecessors. The map is much more precise than the maps before it, putting many buildings precisely on the map. It also looks more scientific, with only few decorations on it. The map also has an "excuse" for Ambrosia and the Isle of Fire, hiding them beneath the banner and the compass rose. It is supposed to be the same map which the Avatar arrives in Trinsic with. Due to the in-game map, it has only limited use in gameplay. It is needed for the copy protection, since there will be questions about the longitudes and latitudes on the game map.

The European version of the map differs from the American one. The European map has a thick, yellow border around the map, while the American version has a thin brown border. The material is thinner and the print rather mediocre in many of the European versions, making it necessary to put a longitude and latitude chart into the box for the copy protection, since the numbers were unreadable. On the other hand, the runic on the map is easier to read on a European map.

The later CD-Editions of "The Complete Ultima VII", apart from some early European releases, don't have cloth maps and instead use a paper map (such as the one pictured here). The Ultima VII-logo on the map is a bit different than on the original cloth map. Also, the paper map is a bit less colorful than the cloth map.

The paper map and the European cloth map can been seen below.

Additionally, the CD-only versions of The Complete Ultima VII had the map as a PDF. Surprisingly, the map is not in color, but instead in grainy black-and-white. This could be chalked up to the generally bad quality of the PDF format back in 1995, yet it does stick out. The map itself is a copy of the paper map, as can be seen at the visible folds.

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