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Ultima VII was the first game with several official translations done by Origin. Note that Forge of Virtue has never been translated.

The German translation[edit]

The German box
German title screen
German in-game text
"Die Gemeinschaft"

The game was fully translated by Origin to German.

The translation work was done in England, but this isn't apparent in the text itself, which is a very well done translation that even uses the German equivalent of Ultima's "old English".

The documentation was completely translated as well. The Book of Fellowship has the German title Die Gemeinschaft (since in English only "Fellowship" was the title). The title of the game itself was also translated to Die Schwarze Pforte and is seen on the game box.

The voice of the Guardian was done by no native German, and as no filters were applied, it sounds less intimidating than the original one. Also they had to remove some of the Guardian's laughter to fit everything on the disks (since German needs more text).

Watch the German intro
The German credits quotes

The French translation[edit]

The French box
French title screen
French in-game text

The game was also fully translated to French by Origin, although the fully translated release only came out some months after a release of the original english version (albeit with a French manual). Multiple translators worked on the project but worked very carefully to keep consistency throughout the game. The entire dialogue and narrations were also translated to a form of "Old French" in order to stay true to the use of Britannian English in the original version.

The documentation was translated as well, and The Book of Fellowship has the French title La Confrerie (which means the same as "Fellowship"). The title of the game itself was also translated to La Porte Noir and is also seen on the game box.

The voice acting of the Guardian was done not by a voice actor, but by lead translator Jean-Marc Chemla. While the correct filter for a deep voice was applied, the echo effect was not added.

Watch the French intro

The Spanish translation[edit]

The game was also fully translated to Spanish, including the credits quotes. The floppy version was exactly as the others, map included, but the CD version was a budget one with all the documentation in PDF format. The title of the game wasn't translated, but all the Spanish game magazines talked about it as La Puerta Negra. Alas, contrary to the German and French translation, this one didn't bother to prepare the game for any common special characters. So there are no accented letters in the Spanish translation.

The voice of the Guardian in this translation was the most similar one to the English version.

Other Languages[edit]


Other languages where only the documentation had been translated are Polish and Chinese (in Taiwan). The Polish Book of Fellowship is called Bractwo.

Fan Translations[edit]