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Sea Horse
Seahorse, from Ultima IV manual
First appearance: Ultima IV
Last appearance: Ultima V

The giant seahorses of Britannia are gargantuan beasts which appear similar to a type of bony fish found on Earth. These intelligent creatures have the capacity to speak and are gifted in magic. They appear in Ultima IV and Ultima V.


Seahorses appeared on the Britannian seas during the early Age of Enlightenment, when they could often be sighted alongside the elfin nixies. Initially regarded as peaceable beasts not naturally inclined toward evil, these comely beings would nevertheless frequently harass sailors - assailing them with volleys of magical bolts.

In the hidden towne of Cove, the Stranger could briefly meet a seahorse accustomed to the company of humans. This creature, known to mankind as Blissful, would give the hero advise at to how best to attain the wisdom of the Codex


These magical creatures appear quite fair and are not evil, but if offended they make devastating enemies. They are possessed of powerful magical abilities which can wreak havoc among thy party.
These graceful, appealing ocean creatures have nasty personalities. They enjoy shooting foes at range, which they do very effectively. They are also rather strong, flexible, even intelligent, and they take a fair amount of punishment to be defeated.

Runes of Virtue[edit]

In Runes of Virtue, seahorses peacefully swim the seas and dungeons of Britannia, friendly towards the hero unless attacked. Upon receiving any physical or magical assault, seahorses will launch into a violent frenzy and hurl magical balls of energy towards the hero while darting rapidly about. Beware the angered seahorse, for it is one of the most fearsome creatures in the land.

Notable Examples[edit]

  • Blissful: a peaceful seahorse found in Cove; offers information about the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom

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