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First appearance: Underworld I
Last appearance: Underworld II
Fighting an Imp in Ultima Underworld

Imps are a minor breed of daemon, similar in size to mongbats and typically possessed of a mischievous temperament. They appear in Ultima Underworld I and Ultima Underworld II.


Imps are intelligent beings found in only a few remote underground locations in Britannia, although they are prevalent on other worlds. Frequently hostile, these green pests tend to attack unwary adventurers while in flight, casting magical bolts at their targets from afar.

On some rare occasions, imps will deign to speak with or even assist human beings, although they are noted for their dark sense of humor and puckish nature. Such creatures have both helped and hindered the Avatar in the course of their questing, although their motives as a race remain inscrutable.


These damnable abominations, virtually extinct elsewhere in Britannia, remain alive in the Abyss despite our best efforts to slay every last one of them. They are a foul conglomeration, part demon, part monkey and perhaps part creature or creatures unknown (to account for their hideous green coloring). Flying lazily overhead in the larger crevices, taunting our Knights and tossing down the occasional arcane bolt, Imps have been a nuisance and a thorn in our flesh since our arrival. They are poor fighters when one can draw them into hand-to-hand combat, and can easily be slain with a sword-thrust or two - if they can be enticed to fight.
Most often seen is the imp, a small winged being about the size of an Emp, possessed of a perverse sense of humor. Few have seen them up close, as they prefer to circle overhead, dropping stones and hurling bolts of energy at their foes.

Notable Examples[edit]