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The Listener is an imp that was summoned by the Guardian to serve as his spy in the underground complex beneath Castle Britannia. It appears in Ultima Underworld II.


The Listener was a magical creature that secreted itself in a series of tunnels filled with magical flames near the waterways beneath Lord British's castle. From here it spied on the doings of the men above and reported its findings back to the red titan.

After the Avatar attempted to gain her confidence by mentioning Bishop, the sorceress Altara would reveal the existence of this being to the hero, giving direction to slay it with a magically prepared dagger and return to her after the task was done. Once the Listener was dispatched, Altara would accept the Avatar as an ally in her private opposition to the Guardian, and would begin to assist in the hero's quest to free the Britannians trapped within the villainous conqueror's blackrock dome.[1]


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