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Greg, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Britain

This article is about a character from Ultima VII. For the Ultima IV character, see Greg (U4).

Greg is the provisioner in Britain during Ultima VII.


Greg was an enthusiastic and cheerful merchant. He had moved his Provisions Shop from Paws to Britain in recent years, explaining that Lord British was a frequent customer of his and that he purchased his equipment for adventuring exclusively from his store. He even claimed that the Avatar, had been a customer - although an astute real Avatar would quickly ascertain that the young man had been taken in by an impostor, likely Sullivan.[1]

When quizzed about his shop's popularity, the young storekeeper cited that he seemed to have a supernatural quality of luck about him, and that his natural good fortune allegedly had a habit of rubbing off on his goods. He related that the famed adventurer Gorn, as an example, had once purchased a shovel from him which had inadvertently saved him from a group of skeletons.[2]



Ultima VII[edit]

Prices in Ultima VII were as follows: [4]

Goods Cost
Backpack 15gp
Bag 8gp
Bucket 8gp
Hoe 20gp
Lockpick 10gp
Oil Flasks (dozen) 72gp
Powder Keg 35gp
Shovel 20gp
Torch 5gp

Ultima VII (SNES Port)[edit]

Prices in the SNES Port of Ultima VII were as follows:

Goods Cost
Wind Sword 500gp
Whip 30gp
Hammer 50gp
Sword 50gp
Spear 1000gp
Dagger 30gp
Leather Boots 40gp
Torch 3gp


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