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This article is about an NPC from Ultima VII. For other uses, see Sasha (disambiguation).

Sasha, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Minoc

Sasha is a young gypsy working for the Fellowship of Minoc during Ultima VII.


Sasha was the youthful son of Frederico and Tania, both recent victims of a gruesome double homicide at the time of the Avatar's travels through Minoc. Devastated by his parents' deaths, the shy young man had returned to his family's kumpania to mourn with his uncle and aunt.[1]

Prior to the killings, Sasha had been at odds with his parents, particularly his father, who had disapproved of his decision to join the Fellowship. Fearing resistance and even physical abuse should he practice his new beliefs openly, the young man had fled the gypsy encampment, seeking refuge in the Artisan's Guild Hall with his friend, Seara, a clockmaker. While this young artist also had some misgivings about the philosophical group, he ultimately believed that Sasha was old enough to make his own decisions regarding such matters - and the young Roma spent much of the week prior to his parents' murders engaged in Fellowship-related work, at times trying to convert Seara to his cause.[2][3]

Still fresh with grief when the Avatar spoke to the gypsies, it was clear that Sasha faced an uncertain future. Fearing further persecution from the Minoxian townsfolk, Jergi, the reluctant "king of the gypsies," was seriously considering leading his people elsewhere - a move that would press Sasha to decide between following his family or remaining with the Fellowship.[4]


  • Sasha's thick gypsy accent disappears when he recites Fellowship dogma regarding the Triad of Inner Strength.


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