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A beggar, Ultima IV
First appearance: Ultima IV
Last appearance: Ultima IX

Beggars are persons who attempt to solicit donations of money, food or other material resources from passers by. Usually operating in urban settings, these individuals subsist on the compassion of their fellow man, and are often indigent and without other means of income. Beggars appear in Ultima IV, V, VI, VII, VII Part Two, VIII and IX.


Beggars first became a common sight in Britannia following Lord British's establishment of Britannia at the beginning of the Age of Enlightenment. Unable to work or otherwise driven to poverty, these unfortunate individuals could frequently be found seeking succor in the major cities of the realm, and the Stranger would be able to gain standing in the virtues by giving freely to such souls.

Despite the oft-changing fortunes of the land, begging would remain a common activity throughout Britannian history, and panhandlers and spanglers could still be found in most major settlements well into the late Age of Armageddon. Throughout their adventures, the Avatar would consistently be counseled towards showing kindness to those who begged, as doing so well exemplified the ideals of Compassion and Sacrifice.


Give of thy purse to those who beg and thy deed shall not be forgotten!
- Shrine of Compassion, Ultima IV

To give to a beggar shows compassion... Beggars are thankful for small donations.
- Gwenno, Ultima IV

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