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Ultima III
Class: Divine
Mana: 70
Command: O

The divine spell known as Zxkuqyb is the preeminent form of lethal invocations available to the cleric in Ultima III, similar in mechanism but more broadly effective than its penultimate cousin, Excuun. Its arcane counterpart for mages is the spell, P.

The casting of Zxkuqyb calls forth devastating energies to seek out and strike down all visible foes. While the most stalwart of targets will endure, albeit in a much-weakened state, the majority of enemies are fated to immediately perish. As such, this spell frequently decides the battle in favor of the cleric.


The letters which head this page represent the second words of anti-creation. They are the words which release the fury of Truth upon the world. No entire word is ever written, for should even the letters which represent their sounds be brought together on a page, the release of power would cause destruction of untold magnitude.

If thou should encounter a situation so evil as to require their use, speak them softly only to the air beside thee. Most of thy foes will be struck down with a force so strong it will end this life, and all other potential lives within them.

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