Dor Acron

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Dor Acron
Ultima III
Class: Arcane
Mana: 15
Command: D
Ultima II
Name: Ladder Down
Class: Both
Ultima I
Name: Ladder Down
Class: Both
Name: Descend
Focus: Amulet

The arcane spell Dor Acron is very similar to its divine counterpart Rec Du. Casting it allows the mage to descend one dungeon level without the need to find the ladder that leads into the depths. Repeated chants can quickly lead to the bottom of said dungeon, where riches await, while avoiding the dangers on the way. Sur Acron is the opposite of this spell.

Please note that this goes for dungeons only.

In Britannian Magic, the equivalent spell is Des Por.


Very useful when one desires to bypass a particularly bothersome portion of a dungeon. Dor Acron is cast with the aid of the left forepaw of a badger. Store the paw with care, for if it is damaged in any way, which would hinder the badger's movement, thy way will be similarly impeded. Having made these preparations, when thou desires to enact the augury, gather thy party into a ring. While holding the paw, chant this ancient rhyme:


When this spell is cast, the mage and his companions will be transported to the next lower level of inhabitation.
Ladder Down teleports you straight down one level in a tower or dungeon.
This enchantment creates a magical ladder which permits the spellcaster to descend to the next level of a dungeon.

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