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This article is about a character from Ultima IV. For other uses, see The Book of Prophecies (disambiguation).

The Book of Prophecy

The Ultima VI Clue Book: The Book of Prophecy is 75 pages long and contains maps and descriptions of all the towns, dungeons, and other major locations in Ultima VI. There is also a complete walkthrough, as well as information about the cost of items, trainer locations, etc. The Gargish Alphabet is also included, with a Gargish-English and English-Gargish dictionary of common words. It originally retailed for USD$12.95 and was published in 1990. It was written by Dr. Cat.

The clue book is written in a narrative style, in the form of a letter to the Avatar from Taynith and Mandrake. Mandrake generally handles the descriptions and gives general hints, while Taynith's additions are more specific.

C64 Cluebook Update[edit]

Due to various changes and cuts in the C64-Port of Ultima VI, the cluebook was only partially usable for that version. To make up for this, Origin announced in the reference card, that players could get a C64 update for the cluebook. This update consisted of four pages and showed exactly what was changed and also pointed out the locations of the deviously hidden invisible levers.


  • For The Ultima 6 Project, a new version of the Cluebook was created, which is available in English and German and tries to imitate the style of Ultima cluebooks as close as possible. In the links below are the places where to find both language versions.

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