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The Proposed Map
"The Technocrat War" map

The map for Ultima Online 2, showing the world of Sosaria (or New Britannia). The ritual used to try to combine the shards of the Gem of Immortality resulted in parts of Sosaria from the ancient past, parts of Logos from the far future, and pieces of Britannia to fuse together into a conglomerate.

The Britannians were found in the northern continent, the Meer race to the southwest, and the Juka to the southeast. In the center is Buccaneer's Den. To the far north is an icy waste, known as Glacia. The city of Moonglow exists outside of the world, appearing to have been relocated to the Ethereal Void.

Note that a similar map is included in the front of the later two books of the The Technocrat War trilogy. The map can be seen on the left.


After the cataclysm, the world settled into its current configuration. It is unknown if there are other landmasses left in Sosaria (although the apty-named Future Expansion Area says there were probably some planned). Although the above maps are close, there are some inconsistencies. For the time being, we will assume the published novels supersede the proposed online map. The main differences are: Buccaneer's Den is slightly offcenter in the Technocrat War map as it includes another port, the isle next to Jukaran containing the city of Nakura is missing in the online map, many locations are not marked on the Technocrat War map, and there are differences in the coastal geography between the maps. Most of this can be considered differences in artistic interpretation.

New Britannia[edit]

Buc's Den[edit]





Beyond Sosaria[edit]


  • In various places of Ultima Online 2 lore and the Technocrat War series, the land is called Sosaria or New Britannia. This may be because Britannian's have a race-centric view and name the world by their own continent, or it could be differences in editing between products.

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