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Ultima IV cloth map (second edition)
Included with Ultima IV was this cloth map showing Britannia, which is the very first of its kind. It is supposed to be the same cloth map that the Stranger receives in the introduction, down to the description and the material. The map is artistically designed, and lacks the fine details that would eliminate the need for exploration. Some of the islands are missing, and the cities are not named.

The maps included with the first Apple II and Commodore 64 editions in 1985 are distinct from later releases of Ultima IV, with a lower-contrast print and inconsistent color balance: while some stray less in this regard from their source artwork (seen below), others exhibit a strong reddish-brown tint. A second map (seen right) followed in 1986 onwards for all platforms and re-issues, featuring revamped artwork with bolder, flat colors and an overall sharper print quality.

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