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Trilkhai, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Trilkhai
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Killorn Keep

The Trilkhai (singular: trilkhun) are a race of sapient telepathic felines native to the world which houses Killorn Keep. They appear in Ultima Underworld II.


The trilkhai had one been a race of star-faring bipeds who had waged an unsuccessful war against mankind. Following their defeat, their people devolved to such a point that they lost their tool-using capabilities and forgot their past history as a conquering people.[1] Some of their number were eventually made a slave race to the servants of the Guardian, and were treated as labor-animals, with their psychic powers being crudely harnessed for the purposes of searches and interrogations.[2]

When the Avatar arrived in Killorn Keep, they were able to make contact these enigmatic creatures. Their leader, Blackie, would ask the hero to help her people learn the truth about their origins, and should they agree, they would eventually be able to trade for such knowledge with the emissaries of Xorinia, in exchange for divulging the details of Bishop's fate on Tarna. Once told of her kinfolk's past, Blackie would be roused to rally her kind to rebel against the Guardian's rule, and would impart to the Avatar information she had learned about the Killorn invasion force headed for Britannia.[3]


  • "Trilkhai" an anagram of "Kilrathi," a race of cat-like antagonists which feature in Origin's Wing Commander series.


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