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Rogue from Ultima IX manual
First appearance: Ultima IV
Last appearance: Ultima IX

Rogue are criminals who make their living through waylaying and robbing travelers. They appear in Ultima IV, VI, VII and IX.


Bandits and highwaymen long plagued the Britannian countryside, assailing those who wandered too far from the safety of civilization. Such brigands do not appear to have ever enjoyed the organization of realm's guilded thieves, and appeared throughout history to merely be opportunists taking advantage of the unwary. From the era of Lord British's establishment of the virtues through the last years of the Age of Armageddon, rogues could be found on in the wilderness, although they appeared to have been somewhat of a rarity during the years of Lord Blackthorn's draconian rule.


The Rogues that are to be found throughout the land are often escaped prisoners who now make their livelihood as highwaymen by attacking travelers. If they get next to thee, they may pick thy pockets.


  • In Ultima VI and Ultima VII, rogues were not classed as a specific creature type, although bands of hostile humans could be found in the wilderness, attacking parties by the roadside.

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