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Fairy, from Ultima VII manual
Only appearance: Ultima VII

Fairies are a mischievous race of winged humanoids which appear in Ultima VII.


Fairies appear to have existed on the lost lands of Ambrosia, until such a time as the island was struck by meteors and destroyed. The only member of race encountered during the age of Britannia was a flighty creature, frenetically enamored of all around her and constantly sprinkling the world around here with a substance known as "love dust."[1] Aside from her, however, few traces of the fairies exist on any world, although a poet on the cold world of Serpent Isle at one point composed a piece regarding them.


These flirtatious and mischievous tiny flying creatures are rarely hostile.
In our childhood years we learn that fairies glow,

and this is good as everyone knows.
But we partake the juice of the dark berries
though we know there are no such thing as fairies...
We cry, though we rarely let it show,
our tears fall like melting mountain snow.
But still the fairies float like smoke rings though the night.
stealing us blind with their mythical magical sight.
And with the fortune to seize priceless treasures,
and the subsequent Moonshadian pleasures
and as we grow older and bolder and drawn,
the fairies visit us less till, alas, they are gone.
But for our offspring the fairies will still glow,
and this is good as every child knows.
But we keep partaking in the juice of the dark berries
for we know that there are no such things as fairies...

Notable examples[edit]



  • In the SNES Port of Ultima VII, fairies appear frequently as an enemy type, and may steal important items such as potions in the heat of combat.
  • Fairies are similar to the Pixies that were developed for the canceled Ultima X. See Ultima X Pixie History for further details.

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